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Verb to be activities

Complete with the corresponding verbs and tense (born/agree):

  1. Not all children (present simple) ____________ in equal terms.

  2. (You/present) ________________ with me?

  3. I (past) ____________ in 1979.

  4. My children (past) _____________ in the south of Spain.

  5. They had a meeting and they all (past) ___________ in changing the sections of the project.

  6. How many babies (present) ___________ everyday?

  7. My brother (past) _______________ on May, 10th, 1980.

  1. are born

  2. do you agree

  3. was born

  4. were born

  5. agreed

  6. are born

  7. was born


To be able to. Find the mistake:


Emily said hardly a word to our visitors. She seemed very shy.


She was being very shy.

A customer in the supermarket was arguing with the cashier. She was making things awkward for him.


She was being awkward.

The children are all playing in the garden. They’re doing something very noisy.


They’re being very noisy.

I don’t know what those people are doing. They’re behaving in a very secretive manner.

They’re being very secretive.


You never know what to expect with Paul. Yesterday evening he was behaving in a very unpleasant manner.


He was being very unpleasant.

People didn’t seem to mind waiting. They were standing there patiently.


They were being patient.

Comment on these situations using the verb to be in the continuous form.

  1. I can play piano very well.

  2. She used to can play guitar in the past, but she can’t anymore.

  3. They are studying very hard. They will be able to pass all their exams.

  4. My sister wanted to be able to sing.

  5. I’ve never could speak German as well as my best friend Sarah.

  6. I could call my mum yesterday, as she was at home.

  7. Mike has not been able to read the document as he has forgotten his glasses.

  8. Do you think you will be able to attend next week’s meeting?

  9. I am very proud to can write the main report for the project.

  10. I don’t think she can to win the best prize.

  1. No mistake.

  2. She used to be able to play the guita...

  3. No mistake.

  4. No mistake.

  5. I've was never able to speak German...

  6. No mistake.

  7. No mistake.

  8. No mistake.

  9. I am very proud to be able to write...

  10. I don't think she will be able to win...

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